Musée Mobile is a new way to experience your tour at the museum

A creative approach for cultural centres

With Musée Mobile, discover a social network of cultural content. It is a new way to personalise your tour at the museum and experience it.

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A revolution

You won't go to the museum like you used to! You will love learning new stuff thanks to a unique content, interactive images or even videos offers.

Made to last

Only one app available on all platforms, for all museums

Made with love

Because we like sharing !

  • What is Musée Mobile

    Musée Mobile is a new type of interactive audio-guide which will improve your tour experience in a museum. By downloading the mobile app, the visitor/user can access the additionnal content he will be able to discover during the tour.

It's a lovely experience walking around a museum by yourself.Brad Pitt

A jedi team !

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    Luc Normandin

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    Founder - Corellian Engineer

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    Alexandra Leclerc

    Founder - InterGalactic Merchants

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    Sébastien Tremblay

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